Bodhi Kai

Chief Cardiac Kid

Hi! So, I’m a big kid now – well, sort of. I’ll be celebrating my second birthday AND my second HEART BIRTHDAY in 2021.

I’ll be your guide through the blog as our foundation grows and has exciting new developments to share with you.

Click here to read more about my CHD story and why our foundation is looking ahead to a bright future for cardiac kids just like me!

Let’s hang out!

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Julia Koster

Founder / President

Mom to Cardiac Kid, Bodhi Kai plus older sister Sydney; step mom to Natalie & Ashley

As mom to the namesake of our foundation, Julia has a deep connection to what it takes to endure the earth shattering news of a CHD diagnosis. Having experienced this frightening process first-hand, she can relate on a deeply personal level to other families with a cardiac kid. She brings to the table over two decades of non-profit involvement across a variety of sectors and holds the business acumen it takes to manage our foundation thanks to her experience as a lifelong entrepreneur. Julia will be at the helm planning events and pioneering our foundation’s efforts in all areas, greeting everyone with a warm welcome.

Brian Bruellman

Co-Founder / Vice President

Dad to Cardiac Kid, Bodhi Kai plus older sisters Natalie & Ashley; step dad to Sydney

As the father of a cardiac kid, Brian understands the strength and unwavering support it takes to navigate an unexpected CHD diagnosis. There is just not anything quite like walking a mile in the shoes of a father in these scenarios, and for that Brian brings to the table a certain resolve that so many other CHD dads can relate to. A professional in the business community, Brian shares his commitment to accomplishing goals and the desire to succeed. Which is why with him as our Vice President, you can guarantee we’ll make great strides in advancements for pediatric cardiology.

Lindsay Wood


Honorary Aunt to Cardiac Kid, Bodhi Kai and Mom to Kellen & Cameron

Lindsay is a special part of The Bodhi Project founding committee. She brings to the table an in-depth understanding of the financial world and will be our guiding light as we navigate project funding and look forward to establishing educational grants for students of pediatric cardiology. More than simply a professional accountant, Lindsay is a part of Bodhi’s family. She has first-hand experience with Bodhi’s surgery having been his first visitor at the hospital aside from mom and dad. With two kids of her own, Lindsay offers compassion and empathy and will be an invaluable leader to our foundation.