The Stronger Together Fund allows us to provide support to families when they need it most: following diagnosis, during treatment, over the course of hospital stays and as their child grows up as a Cardiac Kid.

We are Stronger Together.

The mission of the Stronger Together Fund as part of The Bodhi Project is to show families support during one of the scariest and most challenging times of their lives.

It’s about more than just the financial aspect of support – although let’s be honest, every little bit helps as hospital bills mount into the tens of thousands of dollars. It’s also about establishing a community of support. A place where parents, siblings and Cardiac Kids can come to receive support from people just like them who have endured the roller coaster of emotions that comes with a congenital heart defect diagnosis.

The only way I can describe it is like a bomb went off. My ears started ringing and

I’m pretty sure that I went into shock.

Julie Koster, Founder of The Bodhi Project, on hearing about Bodhi’s diagnosis for the first time.

Many families don’t ever see a CHD diagnosis coming. They find out late into pregnancy, or in many cases – like that of our family’s – they may not find out until after birth at newborn screenings.

That is why the Stronger Together Fund is such a crucial part of what we at The Bodhi Project do. Funds raised through this branch of our foundation will help families navigate the expenses of their hospital visits and surgeries, while also providing much needed funding to establish and maintain ongoing support through counseling and peer support groups.

Encouraging Healthy Communities

The Stronger Together Fund is dedicated to promoting a community of heart healthy activities to drive awareness around cardiac disease.

Show your support for heart healthy fun through The Bodhi Project by contributing your donation towards youth sports programs and school year events, too! We believe a healthy heart is an active one, and by encouraging our youth to participate in regular physical activity, we will help the current generation of kids grow into heart healthy adults.

Contact us to request more information about partnering with The Bodhi Project to host a Heart Walk, Heart Hero Dash or Bikes for Bodhi day at your campus.


Become a Heart Hero and help The Bodhi Project with our mission to heal tiny broken hearts, one at a time. Your donation offers The Bodhi Project the opportunity to support research and developments in the field of pediatric cardiology and show support to families navigating a congenital heart disease diagnosis. Every donation made to The Bodhi Project provides a snuggly Bodhi Bear to a Cardiac Kid during their post-surgery stay at Children’s Hospital Colorado – at a time when we know they could sure use that soft bear hug! In addition to providing a Bodhi Bear to a Cardiac Kid, your contributions will be shared with our Stronger Together Family Fund and our Research & Technology Fund, meaning that every dollar you share with us provides support across the three vital channels of our foundation. Thank you for your support!


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