If you’re new to CHD, hearing the words Congenital Heart Disease can bring a lot of emotions to the table. You might be anxious, scared, nervous, or even just curious as to what to do next. That’s why we’ve compiled a host of knowledge to share with you – right here, within The Bodhi Project’s website. At the core of our foundation is the desire to inform others about what a CHD diagnosis means and how to move forward as a family. Information is at the utmost importance when it comes to making decisions about care. When you are ready, we hope you will visit the other pages of our website to learn more about what we offer at The Bodhi Project – and perhaps you’ll be inspired, just as we were, to help advance our mission of healing tiny broken hearts, one at a time.

There is HOPE.

The most important thing our family’s care team told us at our first appointment upon diagnosis was THERE IS HOPE. In so many cases, surgery can repair defects and help your child grow to thrive and pursue virtually any of their dreams. It is critical for you to ask questions, learn about your child’s diagnosis, and become their advocate. Speak to their doctors, get to know their care team and do your research. While we have compiled a plethora of information here, this is by no means an exhaustive resource. In addition to the family resources we are offering within this website, we provide a Helpful Links page within this learning library for you to connect with a variety of other organizations and websites to help you along your journey.

You are NOT alone.

In addition to educational resources, here at The Bodhi Project we are proud to be developing The Stronger Together Fund: a dedicated family resource that will help you, and others just like you, navigate the road of CHD diagnosis and treatment. Together, we will lean on each other with monthly support conferences – including support for children, teens and young adults living with CHD – to answer questions, talk it out and even lean on each other for compassion and empathy. If there was anything that we as a family wish we had done through our diagnosis, it would have been to find others in the same boat to lean on. Don’t make that same mistake – lean on us, and your CHD community for support. We are all in this together. And we will be Stronger Together.